YBCO-123 Disk for Meissner Effect


New product

  • Spare part for CSDK1,
  • YBCO-123 Disk,
  • Diameter: 22 mm, Height: 3 mm
  • (magnet not included)

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50,00 €

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YBaCuO-123 Disk for Meissner Effect Demo Kit (spare part)

The disk is intented for Meissner Effect only. It does not exhibit strong levitation force. For levitation experiments, superconducting train models etc. please choose from our levitation disks range.

The disk for Meissner Effect is prepared in a way that the trapped magnetic field is very weak and the Meissner Effect then dominates over the trapped field. Therefore this Y-Ba-Cu-O disk for Meissner Effect demonstration is made of polycrystalline material that shows low critical currents.

On the other hand, our levitation disks are suitable e.g. for demonstration of strong levitation force (flywheel demo, etc.). They are prepared in a way that allows flow of high critical currents and the trapped magnetic field is high and dominates over the Meissner Effect. This is achieved by preparing the Y-Ba-Cu-O disk as a single crystal of high critical currents.