Levitator Large Enhanced


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Diameter 70 mm, Height 10 mm

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785,00 €

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The Quantum Enhanced Levitators are intended for science demonstrations & visual display*. They are easy to use and highly durable.
The Quantum Enhanced Levitators, having extra superconducting material, are able to carry light weight (<200 g) when used in conjunction with a suitable magnetic setup or track. Magnets are not included.

The levitators are made of encapsulated superconducting sheets, protected against moisture and physical damage. The superconductor material is a compound made from yttrium, barium, copper and oxygen, YBa2Cu3O7-x. Its atoms arranged in an orthorhombic crystallographic structure (a cuboid shaped unit cell). The material is a bad electrical conductor at room temperature and becomes a superconductor below 90K (~297.6º Fahrenheit).
The superconductor thickness is 1-3microns, crystal grown on top of a metallic substrate (hastalloy/stainlesssteel) and protected by silver and aluminum layers.
A white foam is attached to the superconductor for thermal insulation.